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Colonie TV is available to Town of Colonie residents on
Time Warner Cable’s Channel 17 and Verizon FioS Channel 29

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Assembly Update
with Assemblyman Bob Reilly
Bob discusses New York State Assembly issues that affect Colonie residents.

Colonie Connect
with Paula Mahan

The Town Supervisor discusses people, events, and issues of interest to residents.

with Judge Peter Crummey

Covers legal and jurisprudence issues.

Focus on Health
with Peggy Mello

Peggy interviews medical and health experts from around the Capital Region.

Meet the Author and Getting to know You with Joe Nash
Joe invites local experts to review books and also does personal interviews with local authors.

The Money Factor
with Richard Naylor

Our show on local business and personal finance topics as well as consumer issues.

Parenting for the 21st Century
with Zina Shevchik
Our show that deals with all facets of child rearing.

The Senior Resources Show with Christine Cary

Focuses on Senior issues of all kinds.

Story by Story
with Joe and Kate

Storytellers who bring on guests to talk about story telling and to tell stories.

Real Conversations
with Susan and Lisa

Lisa Giruzzi from Trans-formational Conversations and Susan Beaudoin engage local leaders in lively conversations.