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Consumer Information


Best Places to Live in America Magazine's list of the best places to live in America. Gives demographic statistics for each area.

Better Business Bureau for U.S. and Canada –Gives consumers the latest product warnings and full-text buyer guides along with a searchable database of the BBB in the US and Canada.

Consumer Guide Magazine - click here for direct access (you will need a library card to access this journal)

Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance
The New York State Insurance Department's "2000 Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance" is an annual publication containing information about required and optional insurance coverage, tips on how to save money, and advice about filing claims or making complaints against an insurer.

Consumer Information Center Main Page – The on-line version of the Pueblo, CO. quarterly publication. Includes full-text of hundreds of pamphlets (found in ASCII text). Also provides full text of consumer-related proposed rules and regs from the Federal Register.

Consumer Product Safety Commission - An independent Federal regulatory agency, provides product recall information for consumers.

College Rankings -US News and World Reports ranking of US colleges. Also see Graduate School Rankings.

Consumer World – Provides links to over 1500 other web sites for consumers. A good starting point for consumer info.

"DO NOT CALL" Telemarketing Registry -
Tired of telemarketers interrupting every meal? This online form allows you to get your name into a "Do Not Call" registry. Once your name appears on the registry, telemarketers have (30) days to remove your name from their lists.

Edmund's Automobile Guide –The online version of Edmund’s Automobile Buyer’s Guide for new and used cars and trucks. Also includes buyers advice page, safety information and repair manuals.

GetHuman  Need to contact a company? Or have them call you?  Get customer service faster and easier by entering the company name in this web site’s search box.

Graduate School Rankings -US News and World Reports ranking of US Graduate Schools in over 20 different disciplines. Also includes plenty of information from choosing a school, to admissions test preparation, to filling out an application. Also see College Rankings (undergrad).

Health Information for Consumers (NYS) - Lists New York State health information including: Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, Cancer, Communicable Diseases, Environmental and Occupational Health, Heart Disease, Health Care Facilities, Health Care Services in New York State, Laboratory Services, Nursing Homes, Patients' Rights, Professional Misconduct and Physician Discipline, Vital Records Information: Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce and Adoption, Women's Health Issues.

Kelley Blue Book The on-line version of Kelley Blue Book Official Guide for buying new and used cars. Also includes links to other automobile sites.

Long Term Care - - There are over 700 useful long-term care links on this web site including information about medical issues, medicare and medicaid information, and insurace quotes information.

MSN Home Advisor -
Very good information on home sales. Includes price paid, year bought, assessed value, number of bedrooms, and baths, plus square footage.

National Automobile Dealers Association Guide - Online version of the handy NADA book for buying, selling or trading a vehicle. Includes pricing for used, new and classic cars as well as marine vehicles, recreation vehicles, and even aircraft.

National Health Information Center -U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services clearinghouse and information referral services puts consumers in touch with organizations that have toll-free numbers, publications, and information on diseases, addictions, and health care issues.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Check out the National Highway Safety Administration's web site. It gives the results of crash tests, vehicle problems, regulations, and more.

New York State Public Service Commission
This site allows consumers to do research on companies offering service for: Electricity, Natural Gas, Telephone, Water and Cable Television. There are a number of links, including conservation and how to file a complaint against a utility.

Search Systems: Public Information
This site is information rich. Interested in knowing the assessed value of a property in the area? Check out the New York County section. Want to check out a charitable organization? This is covered here. Worries about paroled inmates? Here too. How about a licence for an architect or other professional. Also here. Actually the site does not have everything -- but it has a lot.