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There are a multitude of disability resources on the Internet. The goal of this web page is to provide links to larger disability directories as well as specific health related and government web pages with a focus on disabilities.



NYS Office of Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Home Page
The World Wide Web home page of the NYS Office of Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Home Page provides a summary of the agency's mission, listing of programs, and information about training and publications authored by the agency.
National Library Service for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
This page provides information about services provided, a list of selected resources of full-text material found on the internet, as well as National Library Service publications
U.S. Government TTY/TDD Directory
Lists TTY/TDD numbers for Government Departments and offices
ADA Information Center On-Line
Provides information on government programs and organizations as well as other ADA information. Can be viewed in both a text or graphical format


A www service for all disabled people and people with an interest in disabilities issues. Run by a UK National Voluntary organization. Includes links, news, a job center, groups, and penpal service.
Berkeley Public Library Disability Links
Inn list of topics choose disabilities to find an informative, annotated list of links to pages for persons with disabilities


Achoo On-Line HealthCare Services
Achoo acts as a infomation resource for the medical community and abd other users interested in healthcare. The objective of this directory is to catalog, index, describe, and evaluate medical information on the Internet.
National Institutes of Health
See also the Library's Virtual Information Desk Medical & Health Links