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Programs at the Library

Programs are presented in the library's Stedman Room according to the following policy.

Stedman Room Policy

The Stedman Room is a professionally equipped, program oriented extension of the general library operation. Programs are chosen to attract the public because they instruct and enrich, or because the public is served by the room's availability, without regard to the beliefs, affiliation, race, religion, or orientation of participants. Suggestions for programs are welcomed.

General Guidelines:

1. All programs must be open to the public.
2. No admission fee may be charged and any solicitation of funds is prohibited.
3. No fees will be charged for use of library facilities.
4. The library reserves the right to limit the number of programs presented per calendar year by an individual or group.
5. The Stedman Room cannot be used by any individual or group for the purpose of commercial gain or for the espousal or practice of a particular political, philosophical, or religious belief. The room is not available for religious programs or services.
The following shall apply to all groups or individuals representing a commercial institution:
a. Programs presented by a business must be of a generic and purely informational nature. The offering of goods and services, sales promotions, or interviews are not permitted.
b. Information presented by a commercial institution may not refer to services provided by that particular institution. All literature to be distributed must be approved by the library in advance.
c. A business or individual representing a business may not accept reservations at their own phone number. The library will accept reservations, upon request, to determine the number of attendees only. Names, addresses, or phone numbers will not be made available to the presenter. Any advertising should list the library's phone number, for example, "For reservations contact the library's Information desk at 458-9274."
6. The library reserves the right to prioritze program selection giving first preference to library developed programs.
7. First-time users of the Stedman Room may be asked to complete an application, which does not guarantee a date or use of the room.
8. The library may require an evaluation form to be completed by program attendees. The library will provide forms.
9. The program room is to be vacated no later than five minutes before library closing. Closing announcements will be heard in the program room every five minutes beginning 15 minutes prior to the library's scheduled closing time.
10. There shall be no distribution of literature on library property, either inside or outside, other than to program participants in the program room. All literature is subject to library approval.
11. Neither the name nor address of the William K. Sanford Town Library may be used as the address of any organization.
12. No food is to be prepared on the premises. Permission may be granted to serve light refreshments. All refreshments must remain within the Stedman Room. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
13. Program participants are not permitted in staff areas of the library, including the staff lounge and restrooms. The door leading to these areas at the back of the Stedman Room must be kept closed at all times for security purposes. Stedman Room users should not use the staff lounge facilities except for easy access to tap water to prepare for coffee set-up.
14. Due to concerns for the safety of library patrons, poisonous, venomous, or other potentially harmful animals are not permitted anywhere in the library.
15. Programs involving the use of materials, such as paint or flame, likely to result in damage to the facilities are not permitted.
16. The library has the right to cancel any scheduled use in an emergency.
17. Any damage to library facilities, willful or negligent, will be charged to the sponsoring group or individual.
18. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to the property of either the sponsoring group or persons in attendance.
19. The library assumes no liability for articles left for exhibit or display.
20. No property will be accepted by the library for safekeeping.
21. The library reserves the right to order the program room cleared for infringement of any of these rules and sponsoring groups may also be barred from future use of the room.
22. All programs involving minors must have an adult sponsor present and personally responsible for the event.
23. No noise or loud music which disrupts normal functioning of the library is permitted.
24. There is no tipping of library employees.

How to Apply for a Program

Programs presented at the library must be open to, and of interest to, the public.
They must be of an educational, informational, or cultural nature.

Program inquiries should be directed to the library's program coordinator, Greg Rucinski:
Phone: 518-458-9274

There is a two-step process to present a program:

STEP ONE is the APPLICATION process.

You may request an application by calling or visiting the library's Program Office or by e-mailing the following information (Name of Individual, Organization, or Business; Address; Contact Person; Phone#) to:

All program applications are subject to approval. You will be notified if your program has been determined to meet the library's criteria.

STEP TWO is the RESERVATION process.

Once your program is approved a date and time may be scheduled and you will be required to complete a reservation form. On this form you will provide information about the program which will be used for publicity purposes in the library newsletter and details about room set-up and equipment needs. A signed and returned reservation form confirms your reservation.

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