Office of the Town Attorney


The Town Attorney's Office provides for the legal services of the municipal corporation known as the "Town of Colonie" and its special districts, including the Latham Water District and the Colonie Sewer Improvement Area. This includes the 7 town board members, 25 departments, 500 ± full time employees and 250 + part time employees and volunteers. Our duties are those commonly associated with the law department of a large corporation and include provision of all aspects of legal counsel to such corporation. Although we interact with residents and business entities regarding municipal issues on a daily basis, and provide countless written and oral responses to their inquiries, we cannot act as their attorneys for private matters. Thus, for private issues and conflicts, one must retain a private attorney. The outline below provides general information about some of the areas within which we work.

Areas of Legal Services
  • Litigation
    Initiate, coordinate and defend actions and proceedings for the Town in all levels of court - State, Federal and Town.
  • Drafting, review and administration
    Negotiate, prepare and review all legal documents for the Town of Colonie such as town board resolutions, contracts, agreements, deeds and leases.
  • Legal Counsel
    Provide legal assistance and guidance to the Supervisor, the Town Board, and all other Town Departments, Boards, Committees, Officials, employees and volunteers.
  • Insurance Administration
    Coordinate and develop the Town's risk management and insurance programs and coverages. Also review of claims against the Town.
  • Legislation
    Assist with the development and drafting of proposed legislation, rules, regulations and policies for both Town programs and operations, and also review legislation, rules and regulations of other governmental agencies which may impact the Town. Review legislative proposals submitted by outside agencies, individuals and special interest groups.
  • Tax Certioraris
    Assist in the review of 40 - 50 yearly tax challenges against the Town Assessor, and coordinate the defense of these property tax challenges.
  • Real Property
    Assists in reviewing subdivision maps and easements forwarded by the Town's Planning and Economic Development Department. Also draft real property instruments, including deeds, leases and easements for Town transactions. We also conduct real property closings as necessary for the Town and Community Development's program for first time home-buyers.
  • Legal Research
    Conduct legal research on behalf of the Town Supervisor, Town Board, Department Heads and employees.
  • Vehicle & Traffic / Local Law Prosecution
    Prosecute Vehicle and Traffic Law violations on behalf of the Town of Colonie Police Department and Local Law violations on behalf of various Town departments.


Memorial Town Hall
Second Floor
534 New Loudon Road
Latham, NY 12110