Department of Public Works
Division of Highway

Snow Removal

During the winter season months, the Town's Department of Public Works (DPW), Division of Highways, is out there working to keep our roads clear so you and your family can travel to your chosen destination safely and without major delay..

Snow removal in the Town is of utmost importance to Town officials. As mandated by Section 140 of the Highway Law, it is our policy in the Town to have streets clean of snow as soon as possible. The Town, in performing this service to its residents, attempts to handle matters professionally, competently, and quickly. It must be remembered that this is no small task since we have 316 center-line miles (meaning 632 true centerline miles) of roadways in the Town.

To provide you with the best service, the DPW, Division of Highways, would like to remind you that it needs your full cooperation.

What to do before a snow storm

It is important for us to keep main roads clean for plows and emergency vehicles during extreme weather.

  • Make sure all vehicles are parked in the driveway. Do not park on the streets.
  • All basketball hoops must be moved away from the end of the driveway.
  • Do not block fire hydrants, intersections, sidewalks, ramps or driveways.

Plows and emergency vehicles

  • Help us keep streets open to plows and emergency vehicles by making sure your vehicles do not block the streets.
  • In the event that our snowplow vehicles are unable to pass, we will summon the Police Department to assist us in having the vehicle moved or towed. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all towing charges.

After a snow storm

  • Sidewalks are cleaned within 48-72 hours after a snow storm. It could take longer depending on weather conditions.
  • Do not shovel or push snow into the streets.
  • If you are elderly, disabled or have a heart condition, please consider asking for help to clean snow and ice.
  • For your safety, make sure to clear all snow at least one foot around your muffler before starting your vehicle engine. Blocked mufflers can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


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