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Stony Creek Reservoir FAQ's

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the Stony Creek Reservoir. If the information you need is not addressed here, please contact us during our business hours.

No, the agreement does not obligate either party to supply water if doing so would impair that party’s ability to meet the daily water supply demand of its customers.

The cost of engineering design and construction of the interconnecting pipelines is estimated at $3.2million with each municipality paying 50% of the total. In addition, a New York State Infrastructure Improvements Act Grant was approved which will pay up to 60% of these costs or $1.92million, again spilt evenly between the two municipalities.

The cost is dependent on the quantity received, duration of the event, each municipalities annual operating costs, etc.

Based on engineering studies completed for the project, both water suppliers are capable of providing the quantity of water .

It is no longer a necessary asset from a water supply perspective but may serve as a recreational asset to the local community.


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