Pistol Permit Application


A pistol permit is a state license that is issued under the authority of the county licensing officers.

Eligibility & Requirements

Applicants submitting their application to the Colonie Police Department must be a resident of the Town of Colonie. Failure to adhere to the following instructions will cause a substantial delay in processing. Only application packets that are properly completed in their entirety will be accepted.

New York State Pistol Permit Application Instructions
  • Fill out the personal information form titled "TO BE COMPLETED BY PISTOL PERMIT APPLICANT" on the application below. Make sure each line is filled out entirely. An incomplete form will not be accepted. Complete all the forms by typing or printing clearly in BLACK INK ONLY.
  • You must obtain the following items to start your application process:
    • Two (2) passport size color photos (2"x2").
    • A NRA or approved pistol safety course certificate (not required for Dealer or Gunsmith Licenses). This department provides some names and telephone numbers of organizations that offer approved pistol safety course classes. This department does not offer a safety course to the public, nor does it maintain a course schedule of these organizations.
    • A certified copy of your ABSTRACT OF DRIVING RECORD from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (this may be obtained at any NYS DMV office or requested on-line from the NYS DMV website).
    • A valid form of a photo government identification (driver's license, passport).
    • Social Security card or proof of social security number.
    • Copies of any gun club membership cards.
    • Copies of any additional licenses (out of state pistol licenses, hunting, security guard...etc.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have completed and obtained the preceding requirements, call the Colonie Police Department to request an appointment with the Investigator handling pistol permits at 783-2754. You will be required to provide the previously listed items when you arrive for your appointment.


A separate appointment will need to be made with Morpho Trust USA (ldentoGO) to have your fingerprints digitally scanned. This appointment must be made for a date anytime after your initial appointment with the investigating officer from the Colonie Police Department.

For more information see Live Scan Fingerprinting for pistol permits.

Additional procedures

The remaining required forms will be provided to you during your scheduled appointment. The remaining procedures are described below:

  • When you arrive for your appointment, the required items from bullet #1 and bullet #2 described above will be reviewed. If they are complete your application will continue.
  • The following will be provided to you and will be completed on the date of your appointment:
      • Will require your signature and address on the back side of both applications.
      • Both applications need to be completed as originals, not one original and one copy. Every place a signature is required, requires an original signature. This includes the area for your character references.
      • In the lower left corner of each application is a place for signature of the applicant. Your signature on both of these applications must be witnessed by a notary.
      • In the section that asks "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ARRESTED OR INDICTED ANYWHERE FOR ANY OFFENSE ..." you must list all arrests for any offense including DWI, whether you were convicted or not (Vehicle & Traffic violations do not get listed). Failure to disclose required information in this portion of the application could be an automatic refusal for your pistol permit.
      • These 2 applications must be completed and returned in-person to the investigating officer in a reasonable time. They must be returned in-person to assure their proper completion. Improperly completed or incomplete forms cannot be processed by the Albany County Clerk.
  • You will be provided with 4 original character reference forms. You will give each of the 4 persons listed as a character reference on your State of New York Pistol/Revolver license applications one of these forms to be completed by your reference. Ensure your name is on the top of these forms before handing them to your references for completion. Forms returned without an applicant's name will not be processed.
  • Each character reference form must be notorized and returned by US Mail to:
    Town of Colonie Police Department
    Pistol Permit Processing
    312 Wolf Rd
    Latham, NY 12110
  • References must be residents of the Capital Region area and may not be relatives or anyone living in your household. Address, phone number and printed name of reference must be included on reference letter.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure their references return these completed forms in a timely manner. Applicants need to confirm with investigating officer that all the letters have been returned. Failure to do so will delay the application process.
Need to know
  • Applications average nine (9) to twelve (12) months for processing and for the completion of a thorough background investigation. You will be notified when your application is being completed.
  • All permits and admendments are issued by the Albany County Clerk's Office and you will be notified by mail when your application process has been completed.
  • Only completed application packets will be processed.
  • The pistol permit application procedure subjects the applicant to an extensive background investigation. Failure to be truthful or an attempt to conceal information can and most likely will cause an automatic denial of your application. The applicant should expect to provide a detailed explanation of any prior contact with the criminal justice system or questionable behavior that has been discovered through the background investigation.
Got questions?

If you have any questions pertaining to the proper completion of your application packet you may call the Police Department at (518) 783-2754 and ask for pistol permit information.

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