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Employment Information

The Town Civil Service Department is pleased to provide information about Town positions.

Current Openings

The following vacancies are open to the general public.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Opens, organizes and distributes mail to appropriate Clerks, Justices and Prosecutors;
  • Adjourns guilty pleas on court calendar and prepares files for Town Justice to assign fines; generates fine notices to defendants; enters all disposition information into case management system and reports to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles electronically;
  • Independently prepares files for not guilty pleas organizing documents from defendants, attorneys and Prosecutors for the assigned Town Justice; sets court dates within approved parameters;
  • Coordinates, organizes and schedules court calendar for Vehicle & Traffic trials and conferences considering availability of all parties;
  • Independently runs reports of failure to appear on scheduled court dates and failure to pay fines; sends notices to defendants and extends deadlines within approved parameters as needed;
  • Initiates action with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend defendants’ driving privileges when assigned by Town Justice;
  • Initiates action with the District Attorney’s Office to convert unpaid fines into Civil Judgements when directed by assigned Town Justice;
  • Interacts in writing, by telephone or in person with defendants and their attorneys to provide information and procedural guidance and to arrange court dates;
  • Represents the Town Justice in interactions with defendants and/or their attorneys;
  • Receives fine payments made in-person, by mail or on-line; receipts payments and balances daily deposit;
  • Assists in Town Court proceedings.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Evaluates all types of residential real estate, justifies residential appraisals, makes preliminary reviews and analyzes appraisal reports from outside appraisers;
  • Conducts assigned field inspections of residential real property for appraisal and reappraisal and makes field notes;
  • Identifies conveyances of real property from metes & bounds descriptions and confers with attorneys, land surveyors and title companies concerning discrepancies;
  • Prepares detailed, factual and analytical reports of the basis for residential valuation estimates including all pertinent data;
  • Reviews deeds and other property records to extract pertinent information;
  • Qualifies taxpayer eligibility for aged, veteran, solar, clergy, paraplegic and disabled exemptions reviewing and extracting pertinent data from documents and records;
  • Reports discrepancies in records of building location, topography, condition, street conditions and improvements;
  • Confers with taxpayers and assessors to explain factors used in determining residential valuation;
  • Upon assignments may participate in some aspects of appraisal of commercial properties;
  • Justifies residential assessment to aggrieved taxpayers; investigates residential assessment complaints to obtain data used in process of Board of Assessment Review;
  • Confers with banks, attorneys and taxpayers concerning residential assessments and makes projection of future taxes;
  • Processes residential subdivisions and concept plans; consults with Engineering and Planning and mapping company to resolve problems;
  • Recommends assessments of newly created residential parcels;
  • Provides technical information to engineering firms hired to prepare and update tax maps.
Summer / Seasonal Employment

The Civil Service department is currently accepting applications for Summer / Seasonal vacancies. To be considered, visit our office to submit an application or mail it in.

To apply for this position, please download the Civil Service Application from our website. Applications are also available at our office.

Typical work activities include but not limited to:

  • Patrolling the Crossings on foot or in an all-terrain vehicle;
  • Providing directions to Crossings patrons;
  • Monitoring the conduct of Crossing patrons and advising them of Park rules and regulations;
  • Advising Crossings patrons of violations of Park rules and regulations;
  • Contacting police and/or emergency services for assistance as necessary.
How to Apply for Employment

To submit an application for employment with the Town of Colonie, follow the steps below:

  • Obtain a Civil Service Application for Employment or Examination. Applications are also available at our office or online using our Application for Employment or Examination form.
  • Complete all sections of the application in detail, even if you elect to attach a resumé to your application form.
  • Review residency requirements as listed in each job announcement.
  • An original signature is required on all applications.
  • Submit your application with the appropriate filing fee in-person, by mail, or by online credit card payment.
    • If you submit your payment in-person or by mail, we only accept checks or money orders which must be made payable to the Town of Colonie Civil Service.
    • To submit your payment online, visit our Velocity Payments Online Portal. Note that if you use the online credit card payment, you will be responsible for the processing fee in addition to the exam fee.
  • Additional forms (i.e. Cross-Filing form, Veteran's Credit application, Change of Address form, etc.) are available at the Document Center.
Keep in mind:

If you are applying for a specific opening or civil service exam, ensure that your application and appropriate filing fee are received by our department no later than 4:30pm on the last filing date or postmarked by the United States Postal Service one day prior to the last filing date for an examination.

All forms must be legible (printed neatly or typewritten).


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