Assessor Department

2023 Final Assessment Roll *

The Assessment Roll is indexed alphabetically by street and broken into multiple parts for user convenience. Please note: Roll section 1 is listed first, with roll sections 5, 6, 7, and 8 at the end of each index.

To use, determine if the parcel you are seeking is either in the Village of Colonie, Village of Menands or the Town of Colonie (outside the Villages). Both Villages have an individual roll in the list below. If the parcel you are seeking is in the Town of Colonie, the Town is broken into three parts numerically first, then alphabetically. If you have any questions, please do not hesisate to call the Assessor's Office for assistance.

Note: The following categories displayed on the assessement roll are not determinative of this year's sewer benefit assessments: "sewer a land payment," "sewer op & maint," "sewer d debt payment," and "sewer a debt payment." Information regarding benefit assessements for the sewer district will be included in a benefit assessment roll and a maintenance and benefit assessment roll pursuant to Town Law §§ 202, 202-a. These will be available for public inspection in or around September of each year.

Keep in mind:

STAR exemptions shown on the Town of Colonie Assessment Roll are subject to change by NYS Tax and Finance.

The STAR exemption program is administered, in part by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. If the Department of Taxation and Finance determines that you are ineligible for a STAR exemption, your STAR exemption will be removed pursuant to RPTL §425.

Assessment Roll
Sewer Roll

All properties within the boundaries of the Town of Colonie Sewer Improvement Area are on the Sewer Benefit Assessment rolls. This includes tax exempt properties. This annual sewer charge is included with the January property tax billing. All properties are assessed by benefit units and points.

The rates for each classification of assessment for the 2023 Benefit Assessment Roll are:

SW001 $29.109246
SW004 $0.10
SW006 $69.677573
SW008 $29.109246

*Rates are final after adoption by the Town Board

* The State of New York has required local assessing units to post their assessment roll for the public to view on their municipal website. The posting of this roll is in compliance with state mandate RPTL Section 1590(1).

Online Property Viewer

The assessment roll is posted on the Town website in PDF format. For 24/7 access to assessment information such as historical property cards may be viewed from Systems Development Group's Image Mate Online Viewer.
Basic assessment information is free of charge. Enhanced assessment information requires an annual subscription fee of $75.00. Call or stop by the Assessor's Office for more information.

Additional Information
Grievance Information

A grievance complaint form may be filed after May 1, 2023; but no later than Grievance Day May 23, 2023 . Form #RP-524 may be obtained at the Assessor's Office beginning May 1 or at the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website. The property owner or representative has the burden of proof in an assessment challenge.


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